How Often Should You Have Commercial Ductwork Cleaned?

Every business owner is responsible for providing a healthy, safe, and breathable working environment to the employees and visitors. Commercial buildings require regular cleaning and maintenance, and a major factor that affects the indoor environment is the air duct system.

Contaminated, clogged, or leaky air ducts contribute significantly to polluting the indoor air of a commercial facility and impact the performance, productivity, and health of the workers. It also affects how much a business pays in monthly utility bills. 

Ductwork is an integral part of a heating and cooling system. Periodic cleaning by a commercial air duct cleaning company improves indoor air quality, increases ductwork lifespan, and facilitates optimal operation. 

What is ductwork cleaning?

The ductwork collects a lot of dirt and debris containing allergens and microbes over time. Commercial air duct cleaning is the process of thoroughly cleaning the ductwork to remove the accumulated dust, debris, mold, and other build-ups. 

Besides the visible parts, a commercial air duct cleaning company also cleans other components like diffusers and grills; supply, intake, and return vents; registers; fans; and the heating and cooling unit. Routine cleaning improves airflow and maintains healthy air quality in the commercial building.

Frequency of commercial ductwork cleaning

Air ducts require regular cleaning to perform at maximum efficiency. However, several building owners remain confused about how often they should call professionals to clean the ductwork of their commercial facility. The frequency of commercial ductwork cleaning depends on the type of building and its condition. All ductworks require an annual inspection. However, not all of them require cleaning every year. A professional can assess the position of the ducts to determine whether it needs cleaning. 

Several factors affect how often ductwork may need cleaning. A typical commercial property owner should consider cleaning the ductwork every three to five years. Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, food manufacturing units, or industries that create combustible dust hazards may have to clean the ductwork more frequently.

Businesses that have never had their air ducts cleaned should consider calling a professional as soon as possible to avoid the hazards that accompany poor indoor air. Building owners who are unsure when the air ducts were last cleaned may call an expert to examine the ductwork and ventilation system condition. 

Signs that the ductwork needs cleaning

Look out for these warning signs and situations indicating that the commercial ductwork can benefit from professional cleaning:

  • Dust blowing out from the air vents

  • Weak airflow

  • An unexplained spike in the energy bill

  • After a major renovation

  • Filters require frequent replacement

  • Poor heating and cooling system performance

  • Mold in and around the ductwork

  • Need for constant cleaning

  • Signs of pest infestations in the ductwork

  • Foul odor from the vents

Benefits of routine commercial ductwork cleaning

Here are a few advantages of keeping the building's air ducts clean:

  • Improved indoor air quality

  • Increased lifespan, performance, and efficiency of the heating and cooling system

  • Employees fall sick less often

  • Savings on energy bills

  • Eliminate lingering musty odors

  • A contaminant-free workspace

  • Improved employee productivity

  • Make it easier to keep the office clean

Contact a commercial air duct cleaning company to inspect and clean the ductwork.


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