Here's Why You Need to Regularly Clean Commercial Ducts


Keeping air ducts clean is essential for residential buildings and homeowners, but it can be even more crucial for commercial buildings and those who work inside them. Dirty ducts can lead to a host of health concerns and build a nasty reputation for a business, which they won't shake off quickly. Here are a few of the benefits of scheduling regular professional duct cleaning services.

Reducing pollutants

Homes are no strangers to air pollutants like smoke and allergens. However, in a business setting, due to the greater volume of foot traffic and more people working in a smaller enclosed space, an HVAC system can be at a higher strain. If the ductworks get dirty from common pollutants, they will keep circulating poor-quality air throughout the system. Good air quality might not get noticed often, but people will complain about too much dust in the air. Employees and clients with allergies or sensitivities are at most risk, and their safety should be an employer's priority.

Regularly cleaning the ducts will remove much of the smoke and allergens that might get lodged in old ductworks and greatly enhance the air quality in the office.

Passing inspections

While ductworks are rarely on the inspection agenda, it doesn't hurt to add them to the list to improve a company's performance in any way possible. Fresh air in the office and clean ducts will give a solid first impression. Alternatively, dirty ducts might mean the business doesn't pass the health inspection it needs to operate. It's much simpler (and less expensive) to get peace of mind with regular duct cleaning, allowing a business owner to focus on all other aspects of a company that deserves more attention.

Energy efficiency

The world is quickly learning the benefits of using clean energy and saving as much energy where possible. Cooling and heating costs can represent a significant part of the utility bills, and ductwork plays a substantial role in how much electricity HVACs need to filter air. Since commercial businesses already have colossal bills to pay, shaving even a tiny percentage off the electricity bill is a big deal. It also signals to clients that the company cares about their impact on the environment, which might score more contracts.

Saving money

It might sound unintuitive, but scheduled duct cleaning is a money-saving venture. Dirty or clogged ducts bring down the HVAC system's overall energy efficiency, which increases monthly operational costs. Cleaning the ducts in large buildings is not cheap, but the overall cost is heavily reduced if you consider how much lower the electricity bill will become.

Additionally, scheduled cleaning services can come at your convenience and leave the system clean and organized during working hours. If the ductwork isn't maintained, it can fail at the most unfortunate time. Losing the AC might mean the office can't work for the day, which reduces profits. Subsequently, emergency HVAC services usually cost significantly more than scheduled calls.

If you're an employer and have noticed a sharp decline in air quality in the office, consider calling a professional duct service to help.

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