Why You Should Replace Your AC Duct Regularly


Modern AC systems are much more robust than older units, but that doesn't mean they will last forever. One of the components that require proper servicing is the duct. The element can be exposed to significant wear and tear, heightening the need for a timely replacement.

Here are the advantages of replacing your AC duct on time:

Higher indoor air quality

The main problem caused by postponing AC duct replacement is reduced indoor air quality. As the units distribute air throughout the house, they accumulate dirt, dust, hair, and mold, dramatically increasing the risk of catching a disease. Due to air turbulence, the contaminants can quickly end up in the residents' respiratory system.

Whether you're suffering from an impaired immune system or simple allergies, it's vital to ensure clean air emerges from the duct. The easiest solution is to replace the AC duct on time. It'll be free from nasty pollutants that can seriously jeopardize anyone's health.

Energy savings

When AC ducts sustain considerable damage, their energy efficiency plummets. Reductions in air pressure and leaks make the system work twice as hard, skyrocketing the energy bills. The homeowner can prevent the appliance from burning holes in their pockets by replacing the duct on time.

Improved airflow

Fully functional ducts are sealed across their entire surface. Consequently, there's no loss of air pressure.

However, any gaps in the duct can dramatically reduce air pressure, restricting the airflow coming from the vents. The result is uneven temperatures in the households as well as limited cooling power. Please reach out to a licensed HVAC technician to prevent this issue. They'll closely examine the ducts and, if necessary, install new ones.

Higher comfort

Another problem associated with long-overdue duct replacement is the varying humidity levels. Combined with temperature fluctuations and reduced airflow, the house becomes far less comfortable.

By mounting new ducts, people can restore their AC to its previous condition and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere once again.

Potentially quieter operation

Over time, flexible ducts may start sagging and bending. In turn, air passing through them generates much more noise and disturbs the householder's everyday activities.

Timely replacement eliminates this annoying issue. On top of that, professional mounting helps ensure the conduits won't sag in the future.

When should you replace AC ducts?

Generally, AC ductwork has a lifetime of 20-25 years. But in most cases, it starts deteriorating within 15 years of installation, lowering the system's efficiency. Therefore, if the duct is at least 15 years old, consider getting a new one.

Also, if you notice any of the above mentioned scenarios, like uneven temperatures or dust build-up, it may be time for a replacement.

Since the project involves complex wiring and dangerous electricals, it's best to leave it to seasoned HVAC contractors. They have all the tools and knowledge to complete the job without any safety risks.


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