Discover What Happens if You Don't Clean Your Dryer Vent


Some home maintenance tasks often get overlooked. Dryer vent cleaning is one of them. Taking care of clogged dryer vents can improve the overall air quality, energy consumption, and fire safety inside your home. The majority of air quality problems at home may arise from a dirty dryer vent.

Here's what can happen when it's left unattended.

Start a fire

Clothes dryers vent hot air. When in operation, a dryer produces lint or similar debris that often gets trapped in the ductwork or the exterior vent. If not removed regularly, these objects can cause a blockage, affecting the dryer and causing it to overheat. Sometimes the lint may even catch fire.

According to a U.S. Fire Administration report, 2,900 home dryer fires happen each year, resulting in five deaths, 100 injuries, and over $35 million in property damage. A third of the nearly 3,000 cases arise from a dirty dryer vent.

Reduced air quality

Clogged dryer vents may harm indoor air quality. A study in Environmental Health Perspectives shows that dryer vents are often an overlooked air pollution source in people's homes.

Scented dryer products can be toxic when released into the air. When exposed to these chemicals for too long, people may show symptoms like eye and airway irritation, headaches, asthmatic reaction, and more.

Gas dryers can even release carcinogenic compounds such as carbon monoxide into the air, so we highly recommend timely vent cleaning.

Steep electricity bills

Clogged dryer vents can make your dryer take much longer to dry clothes. The extended operating time will require more energy. Also, more hot air enters the house, so you need more power to cool it back down.

Lower lifespan

As a dryer vent becomes clogged, the dryer will have to work harder, ultimately lowering the rated lifespan of the machine. The only way to avoid this issue is to clean your dryer vent regularly.

When should you clean your dryer vent?

We highly recommend annual vent cleaning for all vented devices. A few indicators can show the owner that dryer vent cleaning is long overdue. Compacted lint and debris can often cause drafts on the inside of the dryer, as the buildup prevents the cover on the end of the vent from closing correctly.

Some other indicators include an odd odor on the dried clothes, half-dry clothes, and the presence of overly hot clothes and dryer surfaces.

If you're uncertain if it's time to clean your dryer vent, it's better to get a professional service to maintain your dryer properly.


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